Monday, February 20, 2012

I seem to have spent more time organizing the shop and making new tools and jigs over the past couple weeks than I have building, but I am finally starting to make a little headway now.

after clearing most of the wood with the forstner bit I cleaned up the hollow of the body with the router.

sanded down the bookmatch and got it glued up. This is some of the nicest quilted maple I have seen in any of the lumber yards around here.

Here it is wet down a little to show the figure.

I salvaged parts from a small old craftsman dupilcater, and some tooling in a machine shop to make this. Its not a clean finish by any means but it sure knocks out the bulk of the work in a hurry.

Today I started hollowing out the back side and voicing the top. This one already has a complexity of tone that I like. As the planer blade glides across it you can really hear it talk to you.
 Here is my little depth gauge.

I really like the way this one is shaping up so far. More to come!

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